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Manifestation is the art of embodying the state of being that aligns with the fulfilment of your desire.


You are not manifesting your desire, you are becoming it.

Contrary to popular belief, manifestation is not the act of magicking things out of thin air. In fact, we are not really “manifesting” anything at all, we are merely witnessing the physical world reflect back the identity we have assumed. Manifestation is less about doing and more about being – it is the process of becoming and embodying who you are when you move out of the state of desire and into the state of having.

Often we are taught to do this mentally by flipping our thoughts, affirming, and other techniques that keep dour awareness stuck in the realm of the mind rather than through the sensorial, feeling body that we inhabit. Our body and all of it senses is the divine vessel through which we feel that which we experience in our imagination. This is why I teach an embodied, somatic approach to manifestation.

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