Everything is a Bridge – Neville Goddard’s “Bridge of Incidents”

The Bridge of Incidents

Recently I have been thinking a lot about Neville Goddard’s words on the bridge of incidents and how the idea itself is one beautiful paradox. Have you ever wondered how we are able to live in the end of our desire, at the same time acknowledging that a bridge of incidents is taking place? How can we be in the end of something and witnessing its unfolding at the same time?

I have heard some people say that they don’t like to focus on the bridge of incidents because that means they will only ever see bridges and not the fulfilment of their desire. This is coming from the perspective that there is a linear journey from A to B, where we don’t have our desire and then we do, and the bridge of incidents is the path in between. The issue here is that it isn’t living in the end, because when we are living in the end we aren’t even making the distinction between having and not having. We are simply living in the peace and bliss of connecting to our desire right now, and living from that feeling in our everyday lives. Instead we know that our desire is in each and every step, the same way that in every caterpillar is also a butterfly. 

Even the fulfilled desire is not an ending, but a bridge to something else. Our lives are in a constant state of flux. A large part of this spiritual work is  being able to ground ourselves in navigating a reality that is never the same from one moment to the next. When you realise that everything is a bridge, you will be able to relax and go about this journey from the feeling of knowing that all is already within you. 

Everything is a Bridge

Before I go into detail, I want you to remember what you did this morning and recall back the events as they unfolded. What did you do today after you woke up?

Your answer might be something like this: “I woke up, I went for a walk, I made breakfast, I showered and got dressed, and then I went to work.” In other words, what you recall is only the significant events. For example, you wouldn’t recall your morning like this: “My alarm went off at 6am, but I pressed snooze for 10 minutes. When it went off again, I lay in bed for a further 20 minutes, scrolling through my phone and thinking of the day ahead. I thought I should probably go for a quick walk before work, because the weather looked good. I got out of bed, put on my slippers, and then made the bed. I then went to my closet but realised I had no clean shirt because I had forgot to do laundry yesterday, so I…” and so on. We don’t recall our day this way because we rarely think this way. Our memory is selective. However, every single one of these events, even the ones that slipped from our awareness, were all equally significant in our morning out-picturing the way that it did.

Because we tell the stories of our lives in terms of what is significant to us, not a literal account of everything that happened, we forget that everything is connected and all is happening at once. The same is true with the bridge of incidents: we look for the bridge to appear without realising that we are already walking across it. 

Neville talks about the bridge of incidents in his lecture, Faith (1968). He says: 

“People don’t realise, not a thing is happening by accident. It’s all unseen causation. So you actually move yourself into states emotionally, and you dwell in [them] just for a split second. And you jump back – or you think you jump back. You did. But the bridge is now about to appear, and across the bridge of incidents you walk, leading up to the fulfilment of what you did unwittingly.” 

Like the example of what happened to you this morning, you forget all of the forces at work that made it so, and only the things that seemed significant enough for you to recall. I have noticed that some of you will live in the end of your desire and ascribe the “bridge of events” only to significant circumstances  — those that show “progress” or confirm that the desire is playing out. When we only think of the bridge as certain things, that means some things are the bridge and then some things aren’t. It is forgetting that actually, everything is the bridge, and all we have to do is accept that this is so. 

For example, let’s say you are living in the end of having the career of your dreams. Then, as if “by chance”, you happen to meet and befriend someone in that industry who opens doors for you later on. It’s true that this event is a bridge, but so were all of the other events leading up to it. Things had to unfold for you to meet this person at the time you did, for you to choose to be in the place you were supposed to be in, for them to be receptive to you and vice versa. There are millions of tiny events that are happening, all in connection with one another, that brought this encounter from the unseen into the seen. Isn’t it funny how even the “smaller” events leading up to those other, more “significant” events, were still playing out even before we decided upon our desire? Because as Neville said, nothing happens by accident, not even our desire.

When I was living in LA, I needed participants to be in my documentary film. I knew no one in the state of California and had no idea how I would make this happen, only the inner conviction that it would work. One day I went to a hair salon and met the stylist who I not only befriended but wanted to be part of my project, and then went on to introduce me to 80% of the people I ended up interviewing for the film. The funny thing is, the reason I booked the appointment in the first place wasn’t only because I needed my hair coloured, but because I wanted to forget the stress of trying to figure out how I was going to meet the right people for this film. I booked this appointment to enjoy my day and take a day off from working, knowing that everything would be alright. It took something that had the illusion of seeming unrelated to show me that we never need to micromanage the events as the desire unfolds, that we only need to be secure in the feeling of its realisation. Because nothing is ever unrelated, everything is connected, all at once. 

And I know that even if I decided not to show up to my appointment that day, nothing would be lost, because this connection is never broken. Circumstances would just reroute themselves. I have had many situations where a desire played out in a way I never would have expected it to, because I was completely open to how I received it. There are infinite possibilities in which our desires can play out but of course, they all have the same end, the desire coming into form. I have made the mistake of stressing myself about how I would receive the outcome, and only when I surrendered control did it outpicture quite effortlessly.

Now I have experienced this, I know that everything you do, you do for you. I know that nothing you do is a mistake, there is only the perception of failure. I know that everything you ever experienced has lead you to this moment, that everything is part of the plan to the completion of your desires. When you only see bridges in the favourable events, or the circumstances that seem significant, you fail to see that the law is always working at every moment. This exact moment, where you are reading this post right now, is a bridge. And so is the next. So relax, and surrender to your desire knowing that creation is finished – there is nothing more to do, other than experience this beautiful dream that is life and know that you are already where you need to be.

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  1. Hi Kriston,
    This article appears to me at the right time. I absolutely loved it and it helped me relax after growing anxious for a long time.
    My favorite part:
    “everything is part of the plan to the completion of your desires.”